Push Post Punk Podge to Glastonbury

Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies

PUNK techno rabble rouser Post Punk Podge and his trusty accomplices, The Technohippies have a slot at the legendary Glastonbury Festival in June.
To celebrate playing Piano Bar and Strummerville Stages for the upcoming festival, the gang have produced a feelgood Disco House anthem influenced by Daft Punk’s Roulé Records. ‘Heavenly Tones’ is an uplifting trippy stomper, more funk than punk, bringing Bora Bora Ibiza vibes to Limrock.

PPP told Limerick Post this week that this gig on Worthy farm is a dream come true.
“I used to stay up late and watch it on the telly as a child I never thought that I’d end up playing it.
“This is our All Ireland final and we’re going to do the county proud.”


All proceeds from ‘Heavenly Tones’ will help pay for PPP&TT to get to Glastonbury. Get the Summer into your bones and pick up ‘Heavenly Tones’ at postpunkpodgeandthetechnohippies.bandcamp.com