Sponsored: Election profile – Mark Carey, Independent


1. Tell us about your background?

I AM 31. I’ve run my own business in Limerick since 2005, Steamboat Music. I’d like to think that I am respected for how I do business. The passion that I show for this county and our customers is second to none.

Since I took over the business, I have managed to enhance it, to what it is today,  one of the largest music and record stores in Munster. I had the tough experience of guiding it through an extremely difficult recession. When we had to move from a rented premises, like many people before, I faced the challenge of trying to purchase a new unit, dealing with banks that our government would rather support than its people.

I know what it is like to wonder where the money to pay a bill is going to come from. Like you, I know better than to believe our representatives when they say the ‘recovery’ is in full effect.

2. What do you hope to achieve if elected?

I AM not going to feed you a bunch of empty promises. The truth is that councillors can do very little on their own. What we need is real change. We have a lot of great independent and small party candidates. We need to break from the big parties who have had a monopoly on our local and national government for too long.

What I do offer is common sense and a strong business and social background. I can solemnly swear that I have the people of Limerick’s best interests at heart. We need a stronger stance on our health care, transportation, environmental and housing issues, not just pre-election lip service.

The currently elected have had five years to fix these problems. Do you think anything has been solved yet?

3. The best reason for someone to give you their vote?

IF YOU believe like I do, that this county doesn’t have the Council it deserves, then give me a chance. Time. For. Change.