Classical Art Atelier at The Hunt Museum

Home to Hunt Museum, Limerick's Custom House painted by WH Bartlett, 1830.

TO MARK National Drawing Day on Saturday May 18, Adrian Cooke Classical Art Atelier presents a one day Classical Drawing Workshop at The Hunt Museum. This will be the famous and fabled 19th century French Drawing Course (cours de dessin) produced by Charles Bargue and Jean-Léon Gérôme.

“This ambient learning experience will be held in the exquisite Captain’s Room and combines neoclassical art education with the spirit and architecture of the time,” reports Adrian Cooke. “Bargue’s cours de dessin was designed to instruct art students in the methods and techniques of classical drawing.

“It was commissioned by the French government in the 1860s in an effort to preserve traditional art practices as modern art movements began to abandon the old academic style.”

Art materials and refreshments will be supplied. You can book on and contact Adrian on 087-6609644 for detail on his methodology.