Sponsored: Election profile: Azad Talukder, Fianna Fáil


1. Tell us about your background?

I MOVED to live permanently in Ireland since 2000.  I set up own business here in Limerick city centre, working seven days a week.Currently, I am self-employed. I have family here in Limerick. I live with my wife Shahana Akter and my two daughters, Tashfia Talukder and Amirah Talukder; the girls were born here and attend the local school.


2. What do you hope to achieve if elected?

MY MAIN priorities are the on-going issues to be sorted that affect quality of life and well being, our personal well being and that of Limerick as  city comprised of many communities. I speak of housing, local transport system, drug abuse, local crime and environmental issues – these are high on my agenda.

Besides that, I want to work to develop sports facilities to attract young generation and promote Limerick sports on national level, support small- and medium-sized businesses, assist community groups to access local and national funding opportunities, improve bicycle lane to reduce pollution and traffic congestion.

3. The best reason for someone to give you their vote?

AS I have said, I am from a different background, one that Limerick has not experienced before in Limerick City West. If I am elected, voters will get a diversity of leadership, a self made business man who is experienced with the challenges of being city based during our long recession,  someone who has new ideas and plans.

Limerick is largely multicultural. Improvement is only possible if we could accumulate all ethnic group together. To achieve the best outcome, the leader and community should have a better understanding of each other. I have good communication with various neighbourhoods and communities and know well their strengths and weaknesses.

Being a Fianna Fáil candidate for Limerick City West, I will work hard for all constituents and listen to their concerns.

I think that’s another key reason to vote for me.