Fine Gael seats in Newcastle West ‘not a fluke’ says Cllr Liam Galvin

Cllr Liam Galvin, Fine Gael (centre), celebrates after being elected. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

FINE Gael Councillor, Liam Galvin who was elected on the first count in the Newcastle West area of Limerick’s local elections believes Fine Gael could take four seats in total in the electoral area.

“I think Fine Gael are going to take four seats in the Newcastle West electoral area. It’s looking very much that way,” said Cllr Galvin.

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“My colleague Jerome Scanlan obviously topped the poll, and I think John Sheahan is going to do very well.”

The returning Cllr said, “When you look at the four candidates who have been, or will be elected today, that’s hard work, that’s not a fluke.”

The Fine Gael councillor went on to say the candidates will work to ensure rural Ireland is “well-serviced”.

“We want to make sure that rural Ireland, County Limerick, in particular, is well-serviced and we get our fair share of the pie. And that’s all we ever want is our fair share of the pie for the rural parts.”

Galvin noted the area faces many challenges “roads being one of them, housing been another, and we want to take on that challenge, we want to make decisions in the council for the better of the people”.

After being elected, the Councillor described the 2,124 first-preference votes he received as “phenomenal”.

“A lot of hard work has gone into this over the past five years, the past three in particular,” he said before thanking his campaign team.

Also elected in the first count of the Newcastle West area were Jerome Scanlan (Fine Gael) and Michael Collins (Fianna Fáil).