New Limerick Mayor to be elected on Friday

Limerick County Hall Chamber. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

WHILE the people of Limerick could have their say on who is elected mayor by 2021, this Friday it will be business as usual when the new Council meets for the first time.

The first duty of the 40 elected representatives will be to elect a new mayor of Limerick City and County — possibly, the second last time they will ever have this privilege.

Fine Gael, who have 14 seats on the new council, and Fianna Fáil, who have 12, are currently in talks ahead of the annual meeting at County Hall this Friday at 3pm.


“They are in negotiations and look likely to form a coalition,” a source told the Limerick Post.

Independents also have six seats on the new council, three for Labour, two apiece for the Green Party and Sinn Féin, and one for Social Democrats.