How To Beat The 3pm Slump in Work

It’s 3pm and the slump has kicked in. That large lunch making you feel sluggish and sleepy.

Here are some top tips to help survive the 3pm slump:

  1. Caffeine: Let’s face it we need caffeine all the time but particularly at 3pm. Get your tea or coffee and let that caffeinated goodness sooth your soul.
  2. Go for a lap around the office. Stretch the legs and get away from the desk.
  3. Water station chats. DM your colleague and arrange to meet at the water station for a natter.
  4. Get some fresh air. The office can become stuffy and warm as the day wears on so take a 5 minute trip outside to get some fresh air.
  5. Play a party song. We all have that go-to ‘Get me on the dance floor’ song so play it loud and play it proud (or at least with headphones on).