Limerick Rent Pressure Zones welcomed

Labour TD Jan O'Sullivan

Limerick Labour Party TD Jan O’ Sullivan has welcomed the announcement that Limerick City North and Limerick City West have been designated Rent Pressure Zones.

“I have been campaigning for a long time for the entire Limerick City area to be designated a Rent Pressure Zone. While Limerick City East was already included, tenants in Limerick City West and Limerick City North were not afforded the same protections. I very much welcome the fact that the entire City is now a Rent Pressure Zone.”

“It is very important that there is now a widespread information campaign to inform tenants what their rights are under this legislation, including the fact that it is a criminal offence for landlords to implement rent increases that contravene the law and that the RTB can now investigate and sanction landlords who do not comply with the law and can initiate an investigation without a complaint being made by the tenant.”