Emma’s video interview on her artists’ line up for Limerick concert

See The Limerick Post Show with Meghann Scully, who welcomes Emma Langford discussing her line up for July 12 – she is producer of the concert for Limerick Summer Music. She introduces The Quiet Giant Band and artists who may by new to this audience such as Cork’s Kealan Kenny on lapsteel, acclaimed violin duo Lucia MacPartlin & Maria Ryan and Limerick’s Clef Choir led by Galway native Darragh Wynn. Also The Soul and Body Dance Quartet who are out of the Irish World Academy.

THE world and its missus know that RTE Folk Artist of the Year, Emma Langford is headlining Limerick Summer Music festival at Rosbrien Pavilion, Friday July 12.

Old Crescent RFC committee is the brains behind this 700-seater that grows its audience and strength of performance acts annually. Principals to Emma’s biggest ever Irish gig are Elenora Hogan and Michael Murphy, ex-University Concert Hall.

“Limerick Summer Music emerged on the back of the huge success of the Pig ’n’ Porter Tag Rugby Festival which is the largest tag rugby tournament in the world,” Michael tells Arts Page. With close to 100 international teams playing in Old Crescent grounds, “it got so big we had to have the marquee … so the committee asked, can we do something for the people, for the city? Our city’s representation of music drops over the summer.

“You can ask what is culture,” Michael reflects. “In my book, it is what the people of a place, a locality do and gravitate towards. For Limerick, rugby is huge and so is the voice.”

The impetus of the music festival is “to reflect Limerick culture and to try and attract national and international acts to Limerick and to combine them with emerging local talent. So in our first year out, we managed to get Vladimir + Anton [Jablokov, the duelling violinists] and I approached Emma for the concert.”

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Back in the day, the IWA graduate was playing regularly with bassist Peter Hanagan in the Murphy family’s Buttery restaurant. To Michael’s trained ear, eye and experience, she more than met quality control as a live ticket. Ultimately, their combined first concert at Rosbrien Pavilion was epic stuff.

“Her career has now emerged, developed, grown, whatever word you want to use. She really is our latest seriously emerging artist.

“Now Emma is back as principal artist and with others onstage. I am delighted she has chosen to perform all songs on her ‘Quiet Giant’ album for the first time ever, and ‘Goodbye Hawaii’ from her new album.”

Look forward to her set, backed by The Quiet Giant Band and introducing professional artists new here, with support from Limerick Council. Tickets at eventmaster.ie, O’Sullivan Pharmacies, Leonard’s Menswear and Savins Music.