Concern over migrant families being accommodated in hotels

Doras Luimní chief executive Sean McSweeney. Photo: Cian Reinhardt
Doras Luimní chief executive Sean McSweeney. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

MID-West human rights and migrants support organisation Doras Luimní has raised concerns about the use of emergency hotel accommodation for families in Limerick.

Since July 1, emergency hotel accommodation has been provided to more than 30 international protection applicants in Limerick. Individuals and families with babies and young children are being accommodated on a temporary basis due to lack of capacity in Direct Provision accommodation.

Almost 800 people are currently accommodated in emergency accommodation around the country, outside of the Direct Provision system.

Doras Luimní chief executive Seán McSweeney voiced concern about the “ongoing and widespread” use of emergency accommodation for international protection applicants.

“Such temporary measures have already led to barriers accessing basic services and supports in other parts of the country, including barriers to children securing school places and lack of access to basic support services.

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|Residents are left in a precarious situation with no indication as to when they will again be transferred to a more long-term arrangement,” Mr McSweeney explained.

Doras has expressed their concerns directly with the Department of Justice and has visited the emergency accommodation provider in Limerick to offer support to residents.

“While we acknowledge the capacity issues faced by the Department of Justice with regard to sourcing Direct Provision accommodation, we cannot allow such temporary measures to become long-term practices. Ireland has an obligation to provide for international protection applicants and we must ensure that their human rights are upheld and their basic needs are being met. Ireland cannot continue to outsource its responsibility to private companies,” he concluded.

Doras is now arranging for outreach support services and is currently accepting donations of basic supplies for residents.