Heroin needles dumped in scenic spot

Some of the drug paraphernalia that was dunped at Baggot Estate.

LIMERICK City and County Council has condemned the mindless disposal of drugs paraphernalia in a public place where joggers exercise and children play.

A Limerick Post reader shared pictures of discarded needles, spoons for ‘cooking’ heroin and other drug-users’ ‘works’ which they found dumped at a green area on Baggott Estate.

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The reader described finding blood-filled syringes and cleaning agents for sterilising the needles and the skin prior to and after use.

“Absolutely disgusting, and to think this amenity is used regularly for runners/joggers and for families with their young children to take in the wildlife scenery, and for just strolling on an afternoon in the long summer days.

“Drug users are now using this facility for “shooting up” their heroin fixes, and not only that, but discarding of their equipment with a cavalier attitude, and not giving one damn that a young child or parent could accidentally get prodded, or their skin pierced by one of these needles, and have the added worry of potentially contracting Hepatitis A, B or indeed any blood infectious diseases.”

When asked by the Limerick Post if the local authority was aware of the dumping, a spokesman for the council said that they condemn the indiscriminate disposal of any litter that resulted in areas, such as Baggot Estate, not being able to be enjoyed by the majority of members of the public.

“The discarding of used drugs paraphernalia is a disgraceful act by those who do it and it causes a health risk to others, especially young children who may be playing in the area and pick it up not knowing what it is.

“Limerick City and County Council will be cleaning up the discarded items and will safely dispose of them,” the spokesman added.