Graveyards being let go to ruin


WEEDS growing over tombstones, graves which have fallen in so far they are becoming a danger, toppled tombstones and neglected walkways are the subject of complaints in Mount St Lawerence and Mount St Oliver cemeteries in the city.

The Limerick Post  was contacted by an angry city man who says the cemeteries are “a disgrace and an insult to the people buried there.”

The reader snapped pictures of the dishevelled and overgrown graves and walkways which he made available to this newspaper.

“The weeds are growing up over the tombstones. The older section of Mount St Lawerence, especially, is totally neglected.

“Some of the graves have dropped more than the length of a leg and because the grass has grown over the gap it is terribly dangerous. It would be very easy for someone to fall down into the grave and never be seen again, particularly if it was an older person who could break a hip or a leg.”

There was no comment available from Limerick City and County Council at time of going to press.

The Limerick man said that he is “appalled. This is so disrespectful of the people buried thee and the families who come to visit the graves.

“I visited a 15th-century graveyard in Croom recently and it was amazing to see what fantastic condition the place was in. Yet here we have a modern city graveyard and it’s being let go to ruin.”