“The inner workings of a duo”

Eimear Byrne and Bianca Paige Smith; Bianca is choreographer.

THE Hunt Museum will welcome New York based dancer / choreographer Bianca Paige Smith this Saturday August 17 for performance purpose. Her dance piece ‘Two Can Do’ embarks on its first Irish tour,  to stage at the Museum at 3pm — having premiered at the inaugural Limerick Fringe in 2017.

The two hander was preceded by a community engagement workshop called SUPPORT Workshop, which took place at the Museum on Saturday 10.


With the show unseen by Arts Page yet, the Ireland based dance artist Celine Jaffe wrote of ‘Two Can Do’:  “Using improvised movement through space, this piece exposes the inner workings of a duo: the compromises, the unknowns, the risk and yet the comfort that come with joining another to create a mutual journey.”

Created in 2017, ‘Two Can Do’ has taken on a life and an identity of its own, being named the Most Innovative at the Limerick Fringe Festival in 2017 and described as a “journey of possibilities”.

Bianca Paige Smith’s work had its NY premiere at Gibney Dance earlier this year.