How Fidget Feet flap for Bingo Wings

Karl Quinn is watched by Aisling Ní Cheallaigh and Ronan Brady.

The first in four season picks for Lime Tree Theatre A/W 2019:

On Friday September 13, 8pm and Saturday 14 at 6.30pm, Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre premier ‘Bingo Wings’.

“It’s completely devised by Fidget Feet and a combination of circus, aerial, theatre and dance,” Gill Fenton of Lime Tree reports. We hear of a story of lovers looking to rig the jackpot to the local village game, fevered by the fantasy of winning.

Fidget Feet has worked with Irish Chamber Orchestra, Irish World Academy and other national bodies. For the community wing to this ‘Bingo Wings’ Saturday performance, there’s a group booking offer for relevant parties. Ring 061-953400 if you feel party to same?

Directed by Jo Mangan, this production got hefty funding from The Arts Council to work with several communities in training and performance.

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The equipment used to climb and fly aerially includes hoops, ropes, trapeze, vines and pretty much anything that serves as scaffolding

Get real about the quality of anticipated content.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre have been wowing audiences for a score and more years with their indoor/ outdoor circus acrobatics. In the face of zipline and jet propulsion acrobatics competition hovering over the Shannon, they swooped the skies at this year’s Riverfest and won Best Event, and Best Live Event at the 2019 Event Industry Awards.

Last seen by this writer (RR) at 2018’s end-of-term showcase, along with Emma Langford, Rhiannon Giddens and Canadian dancer Emily Flack, Fidget Feet were stomach-churning devilry and suspense in one.

From the co-founder of the company and the Irish Aerial Creation Centre in Limerick, Chantal McCormick, we hear of the origins for this gambling legend: “The idea for the show came from my childhood memory of going to the bingo with my Granny Peggy McCormick and my Granddad, the local postman Patsy McCormick.

“He would call out the bingo in Castlefin Hall in Donegal and from age of six years, I was my Granny’s lucky charm. She would buy the bingo cards and when I got old enough, I got to play and I used to win a lot, as did granny! Granny was my first business mentor. If I won she would take a percentage of the winnings, saying: “Well, she did pay for the bingo card, so fair is fair.”

Game girl, Chantal. Book on for Sept 13 and 14.