Bringing a beach to Limerick

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DEPUTY Jan O’Sullivan is hoping to bring the seaside to Limerick with a new proposal that would see a man-made beach in the city centre.

The Labour Party TD put forward the idea when asked if she could add one amenity to the city, what would it be.

Labour TD Jan O’Sullivan

“I have thought about this for a while and decided to go with a beach. Limerick is the one Irish city that is not near the sea so I think we should copy Paris and put a man-made beach right in the city,” explained Deputy O’Sullivan.

Although it may seem far-fetched, the idea of a man-made beach is already a reality with a similar structure developed in Paris in 2002.

The Paris-Plages or “Paris Beaches” is a plan run by the office of the mayor of Paris that creates artificial beaches each summer in the heart of the city along the river Seine.

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“I just thought I would suggest something a bit different. Cities like Paris have done it, and it has been a success there. I know we don’t have the same weather as Paris but I think because Limerick is far from any beaches it could be a good idea.

“I wouldn’t particularly be picking a spot but one place people swim already is down by the Curragower. I don’t think it is beyond the realms of possibility to have a safe and enclosed area where people could swim,” she added.