Misconceptions cause problems for Diabetes patients

Meghann Scully with young people living with Type 1 Diabetes at University Hosptial Limerick. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

THE misconceptions surrounding Type 1 Diabetes are highlighted by Endocrinologist Dr Orla Neylon in the latest edition of the Limerick Post Show.

TYPE 1 Diabetes is an auto immune condition in which the body no longer produces insulin but it is often mistaken for Type 2 which is caused by eating an unhealthy diet.

“This is a big issue that children, young people and adult, who have Type 1 Diabetes are faced with everyday,” Dr Neylon says.

“Type 1 diabetes is a rising, chronic condition which is mistakenly associated with Type 2. This is because 80 per cent of all diabetes is Type 2 which is often associated with a less healthy lifestyle, food choices and increased weight.

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“While Type 2 is hugely prevalent among adults, over 90 per cent of childhood diabetes is Type 1. It’s an auto immune condition meaning the persons own immune system, instead of protecting them from viruses and germs, has become confused and is attacking the insulin producing cells in the pancreas so they can no longer make insulin,” she explained.

“The problem with the condition is that people often think that they are both linked to a bad diet and it causes upset to those who suffer with it.

“The symptoms for Type 1 include drinking excessively and constantly bring thirsty and needing the bathroom quite often. Insulin is checked before meals, food is weighed and carb counting is extremely important”.