I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day …… Alvin Purple


CHRISTMAS in the 90s was the most wonderful time of the year for The Alvin Purple Experience. And December was magic as the Limerick glam rockers played gigs across the city.

Thursdays was all about playing loud and fast for the students in Nevada Smiths. Fridays, Alvin Purple would get the party started for the clubbers in Doc’s bar before raving the night away under the green lasers.
Saturdays were just nights of craic and messing in The Newtown Pery. Nobody in a silly jumper or stupid moustache was safe from Alvin LoveGod Purple.

By Super Sundays, band members were a wreck and Alvin’s voice was just a rasp but despite that, Steamboat Quay was rockin’ on Sunday evenings – right after the final whistle, with plenty of parents bringing their kids along to see the ‘clown show’ while having a boogie. Then the band had to decamp to Ennis for another show!
The Alvin Purple Experience celebrates all the great memories at their annual Xmas Party on Friday December 13. The party has been upgraded to the biggest and best venue on the Dock Road.


The Alvin Purple Experience Xmas Party happens in the legendary Dolan’s Warehouse.
The band are back in all their noizy glamour to get your party started with all your favourite 1970s hits from T-Rex, Bowie, ABBA, Slade, Sweet and lots more.

Alvin reports, “We’re ready to replay all our classic Glam Rock Christmas hits – ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday’, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Lonely This Christmas’ and more.”
The glam noize that was a soundtrack for a generation here in Limerick in the 90s is back for one night only.
Join the loyal Purple Posse for The Alvin Purple Experience Xmas Party at Dolan’s Warehouse on Friday December 13.

See www.dolans.ie for tickets