Gallery Interlude hosts Stephen Murphy’s art

Four day show from December 13, opening 7pm.

GALLERY Interlude, the episodic show of visual art on Catherine Street by Limerick based professional artists, is a fine example of collaborative success. The stakeholders work in concert, led by Contact Studios. The show operates out of Lucky Lane and is partnered by ArtMad/ Normoyle Frawley Framing.

At the end of opening night, people adjourn to The Glen Tavern, sharing an open table of news and reviews.

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Gallery Interlude next presents ‘A House full of Flies’, paintings by Stephen Murphy, on the evening of Friday December 13 from 7pm-9pm. Stephen’s show continues into the following Saturday 14 from 11am-5pm, Sunday 15 afternoon from 2pm-4pm and again Monday 16, 11am-3pm.

 There’s a political focus to Contact Studios “who are aligned in our desire to revitalise Limerick” with Gallery Interlude partners.

From Stephen Murphy, we hear that in ‘A House full of Flies’,  “I have identified my goal as being to illustrate every facet of the human condition across the breadth of my oeuvre while formally evolving away from representation and towards symbolism and abstraction. This collection of new and recent works are attempts to illustrate intangible human concerns . . .

“What unifies them all, despite their medium, colour saturation or subject matter, is that they are each an attempt at creating an ‘apex image’.”