2019: The year in music

In The End by The Cranberries (2019)

Limerick Post looks back on the year in music in Limerick


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The Cranberries

THE remaining members of The Cranberries – Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawlor – completed their final album in the months that followed the tragic passing of Dolores O’Riordan.

The title track ‘In The End’ was the final song that the trio worked on in the studio in a four-week recording session.

The song needed a lot of work in the editing process, but the lyrics have a finality, and a philosophical outlook on wisdom gained with the passing of time.

Lyrics …

“Ain’t it strange?/ When everything you wanted/ Was nothing much you wanted, in the end

Ain’t it strange?/ When everything that you dreamt of/ Was nothing you dreamt of, in the end?”

The Cranberries – ‘In The End’ has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

Emma Langford

A wonderful gig and strong statement of intent from Emma at her headliner in a marquee in Rosbrien during the Summer.

The song ‘The Winding Way Down to Kells Bay’ was one of many highlights of that show. The song was inspired by Eamon Langford – “a local legend and a great grand-uncle.”

The song is available on bandcamp



LIMERICK rapper Hazey features in the first of a five part music video made by director Brownsauce in association with Limerick hip hop promoters Prescription. The series called ‘Somewhere in Ireland’ is hosted by SESH TV on YouTube. Hazey’s killer track ‘What’s’ That is featured in this sharp and funny video.


Denise Chaila

LIMERICK rapper/ singer/ poet Denise Chaila released her debut EP ‘Duel Citizenship’ featuring two stirring tracks ‘Copper Bullet’ and ‘Duel Citizenship’ which examine heritage and belonging.

Kaka Mollz

Kaka Mollz tells it like it is on ‘Close to Death’, rapping about love and death over a breezy r’n’b beat. It’s dark and funny and very infectious.


Sim Simma Soundsystem

DUBLIN based collective released ‘Pass the Aux Cord’. The EP featured Limerick’s ​Denise Chaila and God Knows (Rusangano Family) mixing grime, hip-hop and dancehall beats. Denise Chaila’s ‘Man Like Me’ is a dancefloor banger destroying a few male stereotypes. The collective played a storming gig headlining Other Voices in December.


Fox Jaw

Madeline is a moody groover with accompanying video following the misadventures of a sexual predator, made by drummer/filmmaker Shane Serrano with nods to the cinematic style of Robert Rodriguez.


Post Punk Podge

The techno rabble rousers brought out  ‘Heavenly Tones’, a feelgood Disco House gem as a fundraiser to help pay for PPP&TT to get to Glastonbury where they played the Piano Bar Stage.

Paddy Mulcahy

LIMERICK composer Paddy Mulcahy released his new album ‘How To Disappear’ in November. ‘How To Disappear’ is a tour de force in ethereal and emotional electronic soundscapes.

The music on the album, in some ways, rolls back the years to his early forays in electronic music. Beside the atmospheric title track and emotional solo piano pieces you will hear pulsing electronica and even a jungle track.

Parliament Square

A NEW track and video from Limerick band Parliament Square called ‘Burning Witches’ came out in July. It is a strong statement and a melodic and punchy return – more new material promised for 2020.

Van Panther

LIMERICK’S Van Panther released a new track ‘The Cutters’ in August with a video directed by Sinead McCarthy. Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Kieran Ralph blends indie guitar and electronic riffs perfectly with a killer tune on this first release from the EP ‘Overcast’.

His Father’s Voice

LIMERICK band His Father’s Voice released their second EP in October. The band impressed at a launch gig in Pharmacia on the back of a strong Electric Picnic show in September.

‘In The Shade’ is a two tracker that showcases their particular take on shoe-gaze and post rock sounds and marks them out as another essential Limerick act to check out live at your next opportunity.

Slow Riot

LIMERICK band Slow Riot were set to become the next big thing in 2018 for many observers here in Ireland and in the UK

With the debut album completed in early 2018 and a slew of gigs to play, the band suddenly announced that it was all over on August 1: “Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we have to cancel a run of upcoming gigs. Sincere apologies to all the promoters involved.”

In November 2019 their record company Straight Lines Are Fine released the long awaited album ’G.A.D’ – and its is a collection of tracks that finds the band at their peak. The band are no more, the album is a testament to just how bloody good they were.



LIMERICK / CLARE trio whenyoung released their debut album to instant acclaim in March. The London based band has made some of the most melodic and lyrically cutting alternative music in recent times. After a sell-out show Upstairs in Dolan’s in November last year, the band returns triumphant to Limerick for a “hometown headliner” with a brace of classic indie-pop singles, and miles of hectic touring and festival schedules completed to promote their eleven tracker ‘Reasons to Dream’.

The O’Malley’s

ALMOST forty years into their existence, the Limerick legends finally put a debut album together. ‘Can You Hear Me’ is the first Long Player recorded by the band and it is an absolute gem, a quality production capturing the band performing at their best. Guitarist Dave Keary and Jim Hanley (piano/ keyboards) produced and led the project.

The late singer / guitarist Brian Mulcahy brought two songs to the project.

Jim commented at the time of our interview, “People would know Brian as a person unbelievable at interpreting songs, covers and things.

“People know the songs that Peter and Ger write, but they won’t know how good a songwriter Brian is -that is something that will be new for people at the launch.”

The O’Malley’s launch concert at Lime Tree Theatre was a sublime performance and was Brian Mulcahy’s final show with the band. He passed away in late September 2019.