NEW MUSIC: Hazey Haze – Is Mise

Cover art for Is Mise - Hazey Haze

IS MISE is the debut solo album from Limerick’s Hazey Haze. The rapper emerged as one of the Island Field trio SameD4ence before joining Limerick record label PX Music.

Hazey has released multiple projects with SameD, Citrus Fresh and producers Naive Ted, GavinDaVinci and AKIA and played a leading role in the Brownsauce series Somewhere in Ireland.

Weighing in at 19 tracks, ‘Is Mise’ is more than an album, it is a project that sees Hazey working with a multitude of producers all bringing their unique sound to the recordings.
A natural storyteller, Hazey’s autobiographical flows are compelling with rhymes on self-belief (Smirking) and drug dealing (Penny Boys).

Produced by Murli (Rusangano Family) Hazey’s ‘N.W.A.D.D.’ (Nana) is a highlight, rapping about his grandmother selling drugs and passing on before coming before a judge.
Penny Boys (Foolish Pride) tells some home truths about low-level drug dealing:
“He owns you, controls you, you’re his human pet.
He phones you to get going, you owe this stupid debt.”

Tracks ‘CJ Soul’ and ‘Feline Friendly’ take things in another direction. They are something of a “love suite” of explicit and irresistible funky productions from GavinDaVinci and Matchbox Youth.

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Closing out ‘Is Mise’, the later productions use experimental and innovative beats from Deviant & Naive Ted, AKIA and 40Hurtz.
‘Actors’ produced by 40Hurtz is another highlight as dark droning sounds raise the tension in an eight minute epic calling out fake MCs. ‘Actors’ reunites the original SameD4ence trio of Hazey, Size and MCB with guests Willzee, Aaron Hayes, Citrus Fresh, Krome, Strange Boy
Hazey Hayes and PX Music should be very proud of Is Mise (translates to It’s Me).

Not only has the project told Hazey’s stories it also shines a light on just how strong Limerick writers, rappers and producers are right now.

‘Is Mise’ is now available at
Hazey Haze will feature at DIE in Dolan’s on Tuesday February 11.