Green Party take the final seat in Limerick City

Green Party candidate Brian Leddin at the count centre in Limerick Racecourse. Photo: Cian Reinhardt
Green Party TD Brian Leddin. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

FOLLOWING the election of Green Party candidate, Brian Leddin, Limerick’s seats in the 2020 General Election have now been filled in both city and county constituencies.

The first-time General Election candidate, Brian Leddin makes history by becoming the first-ever Green Party candidate to be elected in Limerick in a General Election.

Limerick City:

Seat 1 – Maurice Quinlivan (SF)

Seat 2 – Willie O’Dea (FF)

Seat 3 – Kieran O’Donnell (FG)

Seat 4 – Brian Leddin (GP)

Limerick County:

Seat 1 – Niall Collins (FF)

Seat 2 –  Patrick O’Donovan (FG)

Seat 3 – Richard O’Donoghue (IND)

The Limerick City representative completes the constituencies election with poll-topper Maurice Quinlivan, Sinn Féin who was deemed elected on the first count, Willie O’Dea, Fianna Fáil, who was elected following Quinlivan’s surplus in the second count, and Kieran O’Donnell, Fine Gael, who was deemed elected this morning following the eighth count.

The final picture of seats for Limerick sees one Sinn Féin candidate, one Fianna Fáil candidate, one Fine Gael candidate, and one Green Party candidate.