No discrimination in housing Traveller families

Kevin Sheahan, Fianna Fáil. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

“ENOUGH is enough.”

That was the declaration from former Mayor of Limerick, Cllr Kevin Sheahan this week in reference to people who object to members of the Traveller Community being housed in their estates in areas of County Limerick.

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“Anyone objecting to housing families who says you can’t put in X, Y or Z into a certain house, let them tell me where they are to go?

“We can’t put them no place, it doesn’t exist,” the Fianna Fáil politician said at this Tuesday’s Adare-Rathkeale Municipal District meeting.

“There are children involved in a lot of these cases. For the children’s sake, if people object tell me where you want them to go. It is not enough to say no. Enough is enough,” he declared.

Later in the same debate about housing, Cllr Sheahan told the council executive that he believed drug dealers should be prohibited from applying for social housing.

“Drug pushers are a cancer on our society. Those who sell or provide white powder for sale should not be our tenants. It is not on. I take a very negative attitude towards them,” he added.

Meanwhile, Fine Gael councillor Stephen Keary wanted to know if people in receipt of HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) are Garda-vetted by the local authority in advance.

When he was told by the local authority that applicants for the social housing support are obliged to disclose previous convictions, he said he “wasn’t impressed with the system”.