“…a very good time to go look at trees”

Friday 28 into Monday March 2.

GALLERY Interlude is the episodic long-weekend show organised by Contact Studios’ artists at Lucky Lane, in partnership with ArtMad Framing on John Street and The Glen Tavern.

The next exhibition is an installation of worked textiles, to do with eco-consciousness, displacement and connecting to the environment. Kevin O’Keeffe is the artist and  his ‘Meandering Inkings’ opens at 7pm on Friday February 28 for a couple of hours. On then to Saturday 29 from 11am to 5pm, Sunday March 1 from 2pm to 4pm and Monday March 2 from 11am to 3pm.

Walk right in. Lucky Lane is a friendly joint and the wheel of artists welcome every interest. Kevin O’Keeffe writes: “In 2020, the constant news of the effects of climate change is alarming. Every day we are updated through our phones with statistics of depression and anxiety, routed in our disconnect from our environment. It is a very good time to go look at trees.”

He makes the point that he has often sketched with ink, ash and raw scraps of canvas as well as other to-hand materials, never intending to exhibit them.

“I liked the textures well enough in this case for drawing trees, but I became increasingly fond of how these materials would disobey me, change over time, create their own images or occasionally do very little at all.” A last word on these sketched textiles: “They are unruly, annoying and playful and are ultimately much more interesting than anything I could fully control.”

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