Mother and daughter get married on the double

Patricia and Aisling take time out for a selfie on their wedding day.

IT’S not the usual practice to bring your mammy on your honeymoon – but then again, it’s not often that a mother and daughter share their wedding day.

On this Thursday, Aisling Cislikauskiene (35) and new hubby, Marius Cislikauskas will join Aisling’s mum, Patricia Fitgerald (53) and her new husband Joseph to start a week-long honeymoon cruise in the Canaries.

Last week, the Rhebogue mother and daughter made their wedding vows together in a double ceremony, which was a surprise for everyone except the two brides and grooms.

“My mam and Joseph had set the date for Valentine’s Day sixteen months ago.  About four months ago, we were all having lunch and she said they had been talking about the wedding and asked if we would make it a double,” Aisling told the Limerick Post.

“We slept on it and said yes. My mam and I have always been so close, we’re more like best friends, so this was perfect. It was an honour,” said Aisling.

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In fact, Aisling and Marius had planned to get married some years earlier.

“I became pregnant and I had my own salon at the time. I didn’t want to get married with all that going on and we said we would postpone it. We never got around to doing anything more about it until my mam suggested the double wedding.”

The day was a huge surprise for everyone invited to the ceremony at the Castletroy Park Hotel when new bride, Patricia asked her guests to stay put in the room for a special surprise.

“We kept the whole thing a secret until my music started playing and I appeared in my wedding dress. People just couldn’t believe it,” said Aisling.

Marius was already at the top of the aisle as he was Joseph’s best man.

The day was perfect said Aisling. “Everyone we would have wanted there was there already. It was a magical day.”

And with less than 18 years between them, the only issue  Aisling may have as they look over the wedding album is how to tell which one is which.

“It’s incredible – we’re so alike in every way. Even when I was looking at the wedding videos, I had to look twice to see was I watching me or my mam?”