Steely Dan musicians touring to Dolan’s Warehouse

Thursday March 12, 8.30pm gig.

LIMERICK Jazz Society is all excited about next Thursday’s gig with two musicians from Steely Dan (did the great Steely Dan ever disband officially?) touring to town with original compositions of their own.

“On March 12 we have former members of Steely Dan, Jon Herington on guitar and Jim Beard, piano and keys,” confirms LJ’s John Daly. “They have just produced a new duo album ‘Chunks and Chairknobs’ so I’m hoping this will be very well attended in Dolan’s Warehouse as Steely Dan are such a huge band. Don’t miss out on this very special gig.

“John Herington is a guitar supremo and Jim Beard is legend as a multi talented pianist. It is a real coup for Limerick Jazz to have these world famous musicians come here. Steely Dan have a huge following in Limerick so to see these guys up close and personal is fantastic.”

Booking for this 8.30pm gig on