In the Soup with grief

Thursday 12 at 7.30pm.

FLAT statement from Dance Limerick on its next public staging, ‘Soup’: “‘Soup’ is a kinetic shrine to a lost parent and an absurd meditation on the process of grief. The performance see-saws between hilarious and harrowing as it reaches for a shared state of catharsis with the audience.”

Taking place in John’s Square on Thursday March 12 at 7.30pm, this contemporary dance show is created and performed by Deirdre Griffin (headonbody), with sound design by Craig Cox and costume by threadstories.

We hear that some years back,  Deirdre Griffin’s mother died following a struggle with cancer. Since then the dance artist has been collecting “the memories of their life together, the everyday reminders, the surreal experience of watching her mother’s body become something other than her own, the sensation of detachment following her [mother’s] death, and a series of dreams that chart the process of her grief.”

Ultimately, out of this challenging passage, the artist takes elements as the building material for a live diorama that celebrates her mother while considering Deirdre’s relationship with the grief of her passing.”

What to expect? It is “simultaneously brutish, sensual, ridiculous and vulnerable.”

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