Limerick Post Show | European Expo 2020


Belonging #WeAreInThisTogether

“Belonging is much more than being a citizen. It is a state of mind. It is what makes us feel safe and valued. Belonging goes beyond boundaries. It builds on our past and it is designed to deal with our shared future.“ – John Moran, Chairperson of European Expo

Limerick City is the 3rd largest English-speaking City within the European Union. It is a city with an increasing European focus and in recent years the International population has grown to 44%, this includes a polish community of 10,000 people. Currently, 12% of Limerick’s population consider themselves to be “New Irish”.

Limerick, being the economic driver of the Mid-West, has a unique ability to attract and retain local and European talent. Combined with this is its proximity to an International airport and a high concentration of 3rd level Institutions which have encouraged the business environment to grow over time and now includes business owners of 20 different nationalities.

The European Expo 2020 and The Limerick Post Show have come together to reach out to the European Citizens of Limerick and the Mid-West to connect them with the European Expo Ambassador of their European Country. During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak you don’t need to feel alone and together we will put you in contact with the online Limerick community.

Like many Limerick people, I was not born here. But it is my home. This is where I feel safe. This is where I belong.

If you would like to be an ambassador for your European Country in Limerick or would like to join your online European Country Community, please contact the European Expo on: [email protected].