Limerick Councillor asks people to follow the government’s ‘Cocooning’ guidelines

Metropolitan District councillor Olivia O'Sullivan.

FINE Gael Councillor Olivia O’Sullivan has asked for people ‘Cocooning’ to take the measures seriously and to “say yes” to taking the support from those around them during the time.

The government announced further restrictions on movement and social engagement in a live address on Friday evening in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and one of the measures announced was ‘Cocooning’.

The aim of the measure is to protect those over the age of 70, or the “extremely medically vulnerable by minimising interaction between them and others”.

The Fine Gael Councillor asked that people pay attention to Government’s guidelines, saying, “I know people are used to their independence, but for the sake of a couple of weeks, we have to take these measures really seriously and protect the most vulnerable.”

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The Councillor noted that this applies to the over 70s and those medically vulnerable, she asked the people “please pay attention”.

“Do not leave your house,” she said, and asked people to “lean on all the support services that are there” including the support of family “and anyone that’s offering to do anything for you”.

“This is a time when it’s time to say yes and take that support,” she said.

Cllr O’Sullivan asked the group affected by the measures to not take risks, and to keep in touch “using remote technology”:

“So the phone, the internet, social media, use whatever you can, because social interaction is so important to keep us all mentally healthy throughout this. On top of that, if you have to contact your GP or any other essential services, use your phone, use online services.

“Do not turn up at your Gp’s office, you want to phone first. So you want to make sure you keep your phone charged and credit on your phone.”

The Fine Gael Cllr asked people to make use of the services in place to help people, highlighting a local helpline which operates seven-days-a-week from 8am to 6pm at 1800 832 005.

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