Sing Ode to Joy – live from St.Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral

ST.Mary’s cathedral will host a live online event of singing this week.

“Stand with our fellow European Citizens during this challenging time and sing. Join us Live from your home on Friday 8th May at 2.00pm and sing the European National Anthem, Ode to Joy.

“Our Organist Mr. Peter Barley will perform from Limerick’s Medieval Cathedral and we invite the citizens of Limerick City & County to join us and sing with him.” a statement read.

Join the event on Facebook Live – or log on to the live stream service at

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Peter Barley, Organist and Choir Master from Saint Mary’s Cathedral has put together a tutorial to help exercise your vocal cords and prepare to be pitch perfect. The tutorial is available on the Saint Mary’s Cathedral Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube pages from Friday 1st May.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist and composer widely considered to be one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. His innovative compositions combined vocals and instruments, widening the scope of sonata, symphony, concerto and quarter.

Beethoven’s personal life was marked by a struggle against deafness, and some of his most important works were composed during the last ten years of his life, when he was quite unable to hear. 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of his birth.

The European Expo was created out of a desire to use art and culture to unite us and to show how acting together, we are better than when we strive alone.

European Expo is a series of events, exhibitions and seminars over the course of 2020 in Limerick, that celebrate national and European culture.

Due to COVID-19, European Expo decided to postpone the in person events until further notice however still supporting online European events, Caragh O’Shea, Head of European Expo said “European Expo is delighted to support Saint Mary’s Cathedral online event with Mr. Peter Barley playing the famous Beethoven, Ode to Joy Live, Friday May 8th.

“It will be a great moment of unification with our European brothers and sisters and we hope you all join in!” she added.

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