Still Dreaming those dreams: FONDA return with new EP after four years

FONDA - Liam O’Connor, Paul Cosgrave, Sean O’Mahony & John Ahern

FONDA emerged in the Summer of 2016 with the fuzz guitar earworm single ‘Dreaming’ and its shoestring budget video of a live performance on the dancefloor of Limerick’s indie haven Costello’s. ‘Dreaming’ is a Limrock lost classic as the trio broke up soon afterwards.
Frontman Liam O’Connor joined acclaimed post-punk band Slow Riot until their unexpected demise in 2018 (their album got a posthumous release in 2019).
So far, so fragmented, but now FONDA has re-emerged with Liam and three new Limerick based players; John Ahern (Hey Rusty), Paul Cosgrave (Slow Riot) and Sean O’Mahony (Inner City Radio).
The ‘No Begonias’ EP released on record label Straight Lines Are Fine is the first new music from FONDA since 2016.

All the elements of FONDA’S guitar driven, hook laden, baritone delivery are still intact on the new EP with the addition of the widescreen soundscapes associated with Slow Riot.
The EP is the product of the fertile Limrock scene with producer Chris Quigley (Cruiser), mixer Micheal Keating (Bleeding Heart Pigeons) and mastering by Richard Dowling (WAV Mastering)
No Begonias is perfect heartbreak indie for jumping around on a sticky dance floor on a Saturday night with songs that will stay with you long after the hangover is gone.

‘No Begonias’ EP by FONDA is out now on Straight Lines Are Fine.