Women workers hit harder by lockdown

Limerick women’s caucus

ANOMALIES in the Covid-19 payment scheme and other factors are piling up to make the employment situation for women particularly difficult.

That’s according to the Limerick Council Women’s Caucus which has called for changes to the Covid-9 payment as women returning to work after being on maternity leave are currently excluded from the scheme.

The Women’s Caucus, which comprises all nine of the women councillors on Limerick City and County Council, is calling on employers to be aware of the specific difficulties facing women in the current environment.

According to a statement from the Caucus, “Women’s work often tends to be casual and part time, more often than men, so they are already more vulnerable to unemployment.

“In addition, many of us have been contacted by women forced to leave their employment in order to provide childcare and other caring duties in the home. If large numbers of women lose their jobs, this will lead to further crisis in childcare facilities.

“Added to that, the Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme is not available to those returning to work from maternity leave. We ask that this is amended and women returning to work after their maternity leave have their jobs and income protected.”

The Caucus is also calling on employers in the city and county to be as flexible and understanding as possible with their employees with childcare duties.

They have also reminded employers of local supports available to businesses to keep workers in employment and to retaining the link between employer and employee which is critical at this time.