Some good signs from harmonising hands

Hands in Harmony (photo taken before social distancing)

A LIMERICK-based choir with a difference has recorded and performed their own version of a Nathan Carter composition to get across the message of staying close to home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The ‘Hands in Harmony’  choir is based in the Mid-West ISL Hub in Rosbrien and their aim is to raise awareness of Irish Sign Language and the deaf community.

They have created special version of Nathan Carter’s hit song ‘Stay Home, Stay Alive’ to help spread their message.

The group has over 20 members both deaf and hearing Irish Sign Language (ISL) users.

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ISL is an officially  recognised language in Ireland since the passing of the ISL Act in the Dáil in December 2017.

Said group member Ger Boyce, “Our aim is to raise awareness of ISL and the Deaf Community in a positive light through performance and music.”

Speaking about the Nathan Carter song, Ger said. “We translated the song into Irish sign language and made a video which made a strong impact on facebook and received huge numbers of viewers.

“Nathan Carter himself was so impressed he sent us a  personal message to our Facebook page.”

Said Nathan “Hi guys just dropping by to say huge congratulations to ‘Hands n Harmony” on ‘Stay Home Stay Alive,” great job guys.”

The choir recorded the song in the first weeks of the pandemic but believe that it is still a message which needs to be delivered as restrictions ease.