Pick a side: The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra are back

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LIMERICK band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, the musical project of David, Ann and James Blake and many collaborators, have returned to active duty and promise some new releases in 2020.

The first track to drop is ‘Whose Side Are You On?’ a call to arms written by BPLO’s David Blake as a reaction to 2016’s US election, the track also featured in Mike Finn’s Bread Not Profits.
The track serves as a, “rallying cry and a warning against complacency” and is ever more relevant in another election year.

‘Whose Side Are You On?’ was recorded by the band (remotely!) during the Covid-19 lockdown, featuring guest vocals from Emma Langford and Thick As Thieves (Lesley-Ann Halvey and Phil Aherne).
The track featured as the stirring finale to the Gúna Nua Theatre Company’s 2019 award winning theatrical spectacle Bread Not Profits. The play, written by Mike Finn, commemorated The Limerick Soviet of 1919 a chapter in history when the city last found itself in a lockdown.

The music video, edited by Shane Serrano, includes footage of the theatrical production.

‘Whose Side Are You On?’ is out now on all digital platforms. See The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra’s Facebook page and Twitter for details.

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