LISTEN: Danny O’Neill on Transfer to Pike Rovers

soccer ball on the white line at stadium

IRISH junior international Danny O’Neill has completed a transfer from Geraldines to Pike Rovers this week. It is the first major signing of the new junior season which is due to begin on August 18th.

Outside of playing football, O’Neill works as a barber and has only just returned to work. He admits it was difficult at the beginning but he is happy to be returning to normality now.

“It was definitely a setback at the start. I was out of work and looking for things to do. I found myself probably drinking more than I should have been as well. I missed work and missed the routine.

I still got up early in the morning and tried to make the most of the day. Like everything, you eventually adapt and after 7 weeks of being out work, I had a new routine.”

Danny also speaks about the reasons for his move to Pike and the new league format. To listen to the full interview, click on the link below.

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