Pieta Encourages You to FeelGood this Summer

FeelGood with Pieta

AS the country slowly but surely regains a sense of normality this summer, Pieta is encouraging families, communities, companies, and individuals to take part in its ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ initiative this July.

The aim of the fundraiser is simply to encourage people to do something that makes them “FeelGood”. Last year, there were over 265 ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ events registered, as both individuals and organisations took part through a multitude of activities including yoga classes, sponsored lunchtime walks, company bake-offs and many more, all in support of Pieta.

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As Pieta continues to rely on the public for 80% of its funding, ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ is a crucial fundraiser for the charity to ensure it can provide life changing services free of charge around the country.

‘FeelGood with Pieta’ ambassadors and well-known household names for this year’s campaign include Irish rugby player Jack McGrath and Hannah Tyrrell, both of whom are calling on the public to do something to make themselves ‘feel good’ as well as helping the Irish charity.

‘FeelGood with Pieta’ ambassador, Jack McGrath, said; “I am delighted to be taking part in ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ this year. This initiative is such an important fundraiser for Pieta and its service users.

It’s a brilliant opportunity for us to come together this summer too, whether it’s with work colleagues over zoom, your sports team or family, and do something for charity that we might not have been able to do since March!

A coffee with friends, a family BBQ or even training with a teammate – these are some of the things that make me feel good and that I am looking forward to doing in July as we get back to a bit of normality, all in support of the ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ initiative.”

This year, ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ is expanding its outreach across the month of July to encourage people to connect, be active and feel good by hosting their own socially distanced event or by doing something that makes them “FeelGood”.

Pieta has outlined three pillars to use as inspiration:

  • Connect – Make the time to catch up with friends, spend time with family, or reconnect with your colleagues by organising a digital coffee morning with colleagues, a feel good BBQ with family or an online quiz night with friends.
  • Be Active – Get yourself and others moving and have some fun along the way by hosting or taking part in an activity. Getting active does not have to mean running a marathon. Something as a simple as a home workout or a digital relay with colleagues is a certain way to create healthy competition and get a daily dose of exercise, while having fun!
  • Feel Good – Why not organise something that helps you and those around you FeelGood. Post a present to a friend, do some outdoor meditation, offer a home haircut to family members, or treat yourself to some FeelGood Friday food. Do something that will instil positivity and a feeling of contentment.

Speaking about the fundraising initiative, Elaine Austin, CEO of Pieta, said; “The support for Pieta during these tumultuous months has been overwhelming and humbling.

“We have experienced incredible support from the Irish public, the HSE and our corporate partners, as well as through various initiatives including our DIL Sunrise Appeal. All this support has enabled Pieta to keep its doors open and continue to provide its services free of charge to the people of Ireland.

“‘FeelGood with Pieta’ is an initiative that encourages us to connect with family, friends, neighbours, or colleagues, some of whom we may not have seen these last few months.

“As we continue to adjust to new norms, connection with people is more important than ever, especially if you are in a situation where you are physically distanced from your loved ones.

“‘Feel Good with Pieta’ encourages us to take some time to do the things that make us feel good and benefit our physical and mental health. By hosting a FeelGood event you are continuing to help Pieta provide its services free of charge during a time where its services are needed more than ever.” she added.

For more information and for tips on how to host your event, and turn it into a fundraiser, go to www.feelgoodwithpieta.ie .

This year, once again, simply log on to https://fundraise.pieta.ie/ for more information on how to take part.