Council commits to traffic calming on Hyde Road

Hit and run Accident at Hyde Road, Limerick Picture brendan Gleeson

A COMMITMENT has been given by Limerick City and County Council to put traffic calming and safety measures in place on Hyde Road after two men lost their lives in a tragic accident last month.

Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely and Fianna Fáil councillor Catherine  Slattery have met with senior officials at the local authority to discuss the matter after calling on measures to be put in place.

The two Limerick City East representatives are natives of Hyde Road and have strong family links to the area. The pair have also raised the issue at Metropolitan District meetings of Limerick City and County Council in the past.

“The community were rocked by yet another tragedy on this stretch of road. The time for action is now,” Cllr Slattery declared.

“Both of us are from the area and still have family living here, so working together on a solution is the best course of action for the people we represent,” Cllr Kiely explained.

They have both given residents strong and proactive assurance that this issue will be top of their agenda for works in the Metropolitan area. They have met with senior engineers and a frank discussion took place to ensure a timely plan of effective action which must include funding.

“Senior officials from Limerick City and County Council, Brian Kennedy and Robert Gallagher have given a commitment to put an application to the National Transport Authority (NTA), which we are now pleased to say is the case. It will include reducing the width of the road, segregated cycleways on both sides, straggling the road surface/green area and a rationalisation and narrowing of the many side road junctions.

“These measures should have a significant traffic calming effect and potentially could save lives,” Cllr Slattery commented.

Cllr Kiely also welcomed this news and thanked Limerick City and County Council for their cooperation with this project.