Staycation caravans stolen in Limerick

Campsite with caravans at dusk time

WITH staycation being the name of the game this summer, Gardaí are warning that caravans have become a very saleable commodity for thieves, with two having been stolen in Limerick over the past week.

Garda Crime Prevention Officer, Sergeant Ber Leetch told the Limerick Post that two caravans were taken from the Newcastle West area last Saturday night.

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“Caravanning has become very popular and unfortunately with that has come an opportunity for thieves to take advantage by stealing caravans and selling them on,” she said.

“If you own a caravan secure it to the best of your ability. It is an expensive item but securing it may not be. There are security products like wheel clamps and hitch locks which are not expensive but are very effective and could deter or delay a thief to the point where they will give up.

“These products must be of a good standard so don’t buy cheap. Buy good quality security products and remember the value of the caravan you are protecting.

Sgt Leech added that putting a cover over a caravan that is being stored and chaining it to a solid object is wise. “Thieves may consider the cover too noisy to remove and move on.”

She also advised that owners should take a note of the chassis number and not leave the documents for their caravan in the caravan itself.

“Finding documents in the caravan is a thief’s dream. Consider marking the interior of your caravan yourself as this will assist you in positively identifying it if it is recovered.”