NEW MUSIC: Cinemartyr


NEW York based band Cinemartyr was formed in Limerick by composer Shane Harrington in 2012. Shane played in noise punks trio We Come In Pieces here in Limerick before setting out on his own musical journey.

Shane’s solo project was originally called OST, releasing a terrific album of experimental folk and electronics and downtempo arrangements in 2016. (‘Uncaused’).
Now with a name change from OST to Cinemartyr the project has expanded to a full live line up, Shane Harrington (vocals, guitars), Amber Moon Voltson (vocals, guitars), Aaron CT (bass), and David Goldman (drums).

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The new album marks a significant gear change musically. Still under the influence of soundtrack-based sounds, (Shane references the work of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Johann Johannsson as examples), Cinemartyr’s new record has influences of Fugazi and Daughters, and a nice throwback to some of the post rock punk noise he made with his old pals We Come In Pieces.

The new album is called ‘Death Of The First Person’. It is a noisy, cathartic and joyous primal scream.
Shane says this record explores mental health, media and noise as a philosophical concept.
“Previous Cinemartyr output dealt with the more morose and contemplative side of mental health. This new album is an intentional step away from all that towards a more expressive, a more loud, a more physical chant or scream.”

Death Of The First Person is out now on