No fees this Friday for Limerick’s finest – Supporting local


DIGITAL download platform is to continue its First Friday fundraisers through to the end of 2020. Many Limerick artists use the music distribution site, This Friday August 7. The Californian based online music retailer waived their revenue share on all sales on downloads, usually a 15% charge.

Many independent artists in Limerick use to distribute their music and merchandise online. Its artist friendly business model favours local acts as the returns on a bandcamp download exceed the payments from streaming sites.

Here is a list of some Limerick acts currently releasing music on bandcamp.
It is downloading the music that generates revenue for your local act, listening to music on bandcamp does not generate any revenue.

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Fox Jaw on Bandcamp
Emma Langford on Bandcamp
Denise Chaila on Bandcamp

PX Music on Bandcamp
Murli on Bandcamp
Hazey Haze on Bandcamp

Gavin DaVinci on Bandcamp
Cruiser on Bandcamp
Post Punk Podge on Bandcamp

Proper Micro NV
Van Panther on Bandcamp
Protobaby on Bandcamp
His Father’s Voice on Bandcamp

Powpig on Bandcamp
King Pallas on Bandcamp
Paddy Mulcahy on Bandcamp

Hey Rusty on Bandcamp
Windings on Bandcamp
God Knows on Bandcamp
Casavettes on Bandcamp
Pity of the Sea on Bandcamp

Here is a Spotify playlist of some of the fine music being produced today by Limerick artists using music released in the last 12 months or so.
The playlist is public and called
‘MusicLimerick – New Music Favourites’