Support for bill to help reduce insurance costs

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CASTLETROY representative of Aontú, Eric Nelligan welcomed cross-party support in the Dáil last week to his party’s motion to make it a statutory crime to commit perjury.

Mr Nelligan spoke to the Limerick Post about the importance of making it illegal to lie under oath for personal gain. He believes that the financial consequences of perjury and fraudulent claims can be devastating to people’s lives and businesses.

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“In some cases, resulting in people losing their livelihoods. A number of business in Limerick City and County have been unable to reopen since the easing of pandemic restrictions. We must do all we can to help and support businesses struggling in this current environment. We believe this bill will offer long-term financial savings,” Mr Nelligan commented.

Aontú submitted their bill to the Dáil in partnership with the Regional Group of TDs. The bill seeks to penalise those who lie under oath for personal gain to help curb insurance costs which are continuing to spiral out of control.

This bill was initiated by former Independent Senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh and received cross party support when it passed in the Seanad.

Last week the motion received Government support to immediately establish the Dáil Select Committee on Justice and for Committee Stage of the Perjury and Related Offences Bill 2018 to be the first item of business on the agenda before October 31.

“As soon as the committees are established, we ask our colleagues to pass this much needed legislation so that it can be swiftly signed into law. It sends a signal to all that lying under oath for personal gain is no longer acceptable.

“Placing perjury on the statute books is not just about penalising those who commit perjury, it is about preventing those from doing it in the first place. Tough sanctions may make someone think twice about lying and diverting the course of justice,” Mr Nelligan said.