Could Alfie be the new Nose of Tralee?

Alfie, the Limerick Nose ahead of the Nose of Tralee competition

DOG lovers know that if their four-legged pal’s nose is wet, cold and shiny they are in good health, but Alfie, friend and protector to Lyndsey Willams from the Ennis Road has the added bonus of being Limerick’s entry into the Nose of Tralee competition.

Seven-year-old Labrador cross Alfie was a rescue dog and, Lyndsey says, ” I adopted him two years ago from Kingdom Rescue in Tralee. That’s why we decided to enter the Nose of Tralee. We never expected that he would get into the finals, it was just a bit of fun, but then he was chosen as the Limerick Nose.

“They sent out his sash and a few treats for him and now we’re doing some serious campaigning for votes, I don’t think Limerick has won ‘the Nose’ before so it would be great if we did. He’s just the happiest guy. He has no idea what’s going on, but he’s happy out to pose for pictures. ”

Describing himself and his talents to the judges, Alfie says he loves “walks, playing fetch, tug-o-war and chewing sticks, but my favourite is swimming. I absolutely love spending time at the beach and jumping around in the waves.

“Whether I’m walking along the beach or around the city, I am always full of smiles. Unless there’s food, then I’m all business. I pretty much follow my nose wherever I go, I guess that’s the lab in me. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m a pretty unique looking dog. Like my vet once said, ‘who chopped your legs mate? We’re pretty sure I’m a cross of a Labrador and a Corgi, meaning I have a big Lab body, but little Corgi legs, and a fluffy Corgi butt. My mom always says ‘Big dreams, Little legs.’  If I win I plan to spend the prize money on milk, chicken and toast,” Alfie said.

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Post readers can vote for Alfie on and searching Limerick under the finalists, or go to his Instagram page @alf_pupcino for a direct link.