Rediscover the joy of Recycling in Limerick

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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

OCTOBER is Ireland’s National Reuse Month and to celebrate Limerick City and County Council is hosting a number of webinars aimed at getting more people to Reduce Reuse and Recycle.

It’s about valuing our stuff, by using and reusing it for as long and as often as possible. This avoids the need to extract raw materials, manufacture and distribute new stuff, and avoids waste thereby cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The recent lockdown restrictions have led to a lot of focus on our throwaway culture and how we should value our possessions for longer.

To celebrate National Reuse Month during Limerick’s European Green Leaf City year Limerick City and County Council is hosting two #EGLALimerick2020 Zoom Webinars.

  • Tuesday 06 October 8pm – Top Tips on Upcycling

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn find out more about upcycling preloved furniture and other ‘stuff’. You will go away inspired to upcycle more around your home.

Register here. Brought to you in conjunction with The Rediscovery Centre.

  • Tuesday 20 October 8pm – Slow Fashion & Capsule Wardrobe

This promises to assist all fashionistas to gain an insight into fashion habits and how to empower changes to our habits that will help the environment.

Register here. Brought to you in conjunction with The Rediscovery Centre.

Once you have taken part in the two webinars you will be full of ideas and confidence to take part in the Upcycle Challenge for 2020.

MyWaste and the EPA are challenging you to unearth the imagination within and create something new out of something old…to breathe new life into an old or unwanted item or material.

So, if you can find something old and renovate it or turn it into something completely different but still usable then this competition is for you.

The deadline for National Reuse Month’s Upcycle Challenge is Friday 30 October.

Click here for details. Prizes include €750 for each waste region.

If you are involved or linked in with Tidy Towns in your locality, projects undertaken or participated in for National Reuse Month would be eligible for the next Tidy Towns application in the Sustainability, Doing More with Less category.

And, of course, if you are a business providing reuse and repair services in Limerick or someone looking for a professional, you can check out the Limerick Reuse and Repair Directory on

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Michael Collins said: “The value of reusing and repairing items has returned to the spotlight during Covid-19 restrictions when people had more time to spend renovating an old piece of furniture or using old items in their garden. That is what National Reuse month is about. Reusing and Recycling helps reduce waste which is a win for all of us and the environment.”

Sinead McDonnell is Environment Awareness Officer with Limerick City and County Council said: “Reuse month is a super time to take stock of items in your home that may need a little revamp or repair. Channel your inner interior designer on Tuesday 6th October at 8pm tune into to our live upcycling workshop which will be co-hosted by Limerick City and County Council and the Rediscovery Centre.”

“This is your chance to watch, listen and ask questions via a live chat stream which will give you the top tips for upcycling furniture and other items in your home to give them a new lease of life. The next webinar in the EGLA Limerick 2020 series will be calling on all fashionistas out there to learn about Slow Fashion and the capsule wardrobe.

The reuse and repair directory or the national web site if for householders and businesses throughout the year. These sites add longevity to ‘stuff’, helping you to save money and help the environment.”