#WeekendListen – Ann & Steve Talk Stuff | Episode 32 | The Proust Questionnaire continues with a hint of optimism and jubilation

Ann Blake and Stephen Kinsella talk stuff, in the fifth episode of this podcast, Ann and Steve talk about the 'Lemon Problem' and how our choices and knowledge impact the cost and value of items, and the impact that has on the economy. #KeepingLimerickPosted #AnnSteveTalk
Ann and Steve talk stuff

Ann Blake and Stephen Kinsella talk stuff. As a new vaccine looms Ann and Steve continue with The Proust Questionnaire with a hint of optimism and jubilation.
The Proust Questionnaire was originally a Victorian parlour game, these questions have been famously answered by the likes Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust and David Bowie.

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Ann & Steve Talk Stuff: An artist and an economist walk into a podcast to discuss odd things that make the world go round. Out Fridays
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