The Burren announced as Top tourist destination by Lonely Planet

Autumn Sunrise, The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

THE Burren has been announced as a top tourist destination by Lonely Planet.

The Burren Eco Tourism group is made up of 60 local enterprises that aim to protect the limestone landscape and sustainability.

The Co.Clare destination is the only Irish destination to have made the prestigious list.

“Stretching across northern Clare, the rocky, windswept Burren region is a unique striated lunar-like landscape of barren grey limestone that was shaped beneath ancient seas, then forced high and dry by a great geological cataclysm.

“It covers 250 sq km of exposed limestone, and 560 sq km in total.” Lonely Planet stated.

The limestone region is home to some fo the worlds most rarest flowers and historical sites such as the Dolmen.

Hiking, abseiling, surfing, swimming have all added to the charm and attraction of The Burren and surrounding areas.