Festive decoration dangers lying in wait for your pet


MANY animals are drawn to it as if by magic: yes, it’s the Christmas tree.
And, according to the experts at Maxi Zoo, the colourful ornaments and glittering tinsel are especially tempting to cats.

Many Christmas celebrations have ended at the vet’s surgery because the cat tried to climb the tree and it fell over or the dog jiggled an ornament off the tree and cut himself on the shards.
If your pet eats tinsel, it can lead to obstructed bowels, while drinking Christmas tree water can also affect your pet’s health and electrical cords can be a great source of danger.
If you still wish to have a decorated Christmas tree, you must set up a “no trespassing zone”. As soon as your dog or cat approaches the Christmas tree, clap your hands and shout “No!”. In theory, you shouldn’t let any of your pets inside the Christmas room without supervision.

Remember, the Christmas tree isn’t the only source of danger. Keep decorations, ribbons and wrapping paper away from your pets as well. They could hurt themselves playing with these things or even consume indigestible or poisonous components. You should also relocate small animals and birds to a safe room for any time spent outside the cage or aviary.

Avoid poinsettias as well. This plant is one of the most dangerous house plants and can lead to life-threatening poisoning.


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