Top uniquely searched Covid-19 questions in Limerick

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THE country is currently in Lockdown 3.0 and in level five of restrictions meaning we must stay within 5km of our homes, not mix with other households with many businesses shut.

Covid-19 cases in Limerick have seen a significant rise in recent weeks as the strain took hold following a surge over Christmas.

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Given the new strains and ramping up of testing across the City and County, here are the most common question asked by people in the Treaty County:

1. Is headache a symptom of coronavirus?
2. Is a runny nose a symptom of coronavirus?
3. Is back pain a symptom of coronavirus?
4. Is coronavirus airborne?
5. How long do coronavirus symptoms last?
The data was collected 6. January to 13. January 2021 by the Google News Lab and unique searches are uniquely searched questions that have been googled twice as much as Ireland’s average.
You can find more general information on Google Trends here