Blue Box has made it to the Finals of the National Lottery Good Causes Awards


BLUE Box provides a safe trusting space where children and young people can bring their difficult feelings, overcome emotional trauma, and build a stronger sense of who they are. Using Creative Arts Therapies, they have developed a way that allows children to use their own creativity to explore their personal stories and address emotional conflict. Children and young people facing life’s challenges need a space to explore their emotional life story with a dedicated professional Creative Arts Therapist they get the opportunity to do this. Blue Box has delivered services for the past 21 years. This year Blue Box has reached 207 children and youth in the Limerick area, delivering over 3,000 hours of services to families across Limerick in Schools and in Blue Box, Roxborough.

The Vision of Blue Box:

To envision a society where all marginalised children and young people realise their full potential.

The Mission of Blue Box:

To improve the wellbeing and mental health of marginalised children and young people who are traumatised by domestic and environmental factors. This is done through the accessible provision of research-based, innovative, professional and accredited Creative Arts Psychotherapy.

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Back Story:

The Blue Box has been serving local communities for over 20 years. Blue Box is a registered charity. The work of Blue Box Creative Arts Therapy has been in the most marginalised and disenfranchised communities including Regeneration areas in Limerick, that are still at the forefront of the most disadvantaged areas in Ireland. The work of Blue Box brings about social change by working with mental health and mental wellbeing for children/youth, this gives them an opportunity to reach their full potential through Creative Arts Therapy that supports children/youth to express their trauma by using Play, Art, Music, Dance / Drama Therapy.