Limerick based artist featuring in RTE’s hit show SMOTHER


RENOWNED landscape artist, Ann Daly’s work was chosen to adorn the walls of the many beautiful houses used on location for RTE’s hit show Smother, and also made her TV debut as an extra!

Inspired by West Clare’s dramatic skies and coastline Ann’s paintings reflect the movement and darkness of the sea and the everchanging light. The West Coast of Clare and the sea encapsulates everything she wants to paint- family, home, memories, longing and hope.

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Ann’s work tends to veer towards the evening sunsets when the light and darks of the skies sometimes crash into magnificent bursts and she’s particularly fond of a dramatic skyline, an Atlantic storm and the movement of waves.

All painted with thick palette knife impasto oils giving texture, with paint on the waves falling off the canvas which gives the viewer a yearning to touch, but can’t.

“In February 2020 I received a call from the Production Designer Managers assistant, ‘are you open, we will be there in 5 minutes. I knew there was filming on a new BBC/RTE drama and a lot of excitement about in Lahinch and surrounding areas and had my name down as an extra but was not expecting this.

“When the Production designer came in looked around and said yep I want this, this, this, this, and this if we may, to use in our character sets in Smother, I was blown away!  All my work on TV!” said Ann.

The work was collected and couldn’t have been placed in a more beautiful setting than Moy House on the cliff overlooking Lahinch Bay. The paintings looked like they belonged!

“The next thing I knew I was called to be an extra and it blew my mind. I was going to be in the Smother along with my paintings…I couldn’t have made this up in my wildest of dreams and they can be wild!” continues Ann.

Ann features in a number of scenes in Smother and meeting the entire cast and crew including lead actors Dervla Kirwan and Graham Stuart was a personal highlight. Not knowing Ann was the artist that adorned the walls, the cast were very impressed when told, with many chatting with her about her work and others visiting her Gallery (pre-Covid 19) including Dervla Kirwan, Conor Mullen and Graham Byrnes.

When Covid-19 hit, filming was suspended and the Gallery closed and like everyone else in the country, the worry and uncertainty loomed for Ann.   Ann used this time to work on her art from her home, missing her family, her gallery and filming but drawing inspiration from the mood of the country and her stunning surroundings.

Once Lockdown phase one was over, Ann’s Gallery was back open in Liscannor but with no International tourists she relied heavily on the local community and thankfully the Irish staycationers were incredibly supportive.

September 2020 arrives as does the filming of Smother and production design were back and wanted more!  “It turns out my paintings were used in all the characters homes with one commissioned especially for a scene. ..and I was called again as an extra and my first covid test mandatory for set.

“What an experience and honour to be involved and be the artist on the walls with such brilliant cast and crew in a drama set along the magnificent west coast of Clare” said Ann. Filming finally finished before lockdown in November.

Ann’s work can be seen and purchased online with a selection of paintingsprints and greeting cards for sale.   Facebook Instagram