Limerick City and County Council issues some advice ahead of silage season

green grass field during daytime
Photo by Ella Baxter on Unsplash

LIMERICK City and County Council has issued a reminder to farmers ahead of this year’s silage making season.

Farmers are being reminded to ensure that their silage base, associated effluent collection channels and silage effluent storage facilities are free from defect and are fit-for-purpose.

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They are being urged to thoroughly power-hose the silage base and effluent conduits to check for any damage and carry out repairs where necessary.

The Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine have specific building specifications relating to silage storage.

Any repair works must be completed to the specifications laid down by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

These include specifications for Concrete Silage Bases S128 and Resurfacing of Silo Floors S128A.  These can be obtained at

Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority also provides useful guidance at

It is recommended that farmers seek advice from a suitably qualified engineer prior to commencement of works.

It is important to remember that silage effluent is a particularly potent pollutant and can cause significant harm to our waters and aquatic life.

Please follow these simple rules:

  • Do not make pit silage where facilities are defective – instead make silage bales
  • Please act responsibly