#BusinessSpotlight: Michelle McAuley Founder Director Creating Potential

Michelle McAuley, Founder Director, Creating Potential

Executive Coaching is now recognised as a high impact way of making significant changes and developments both personally and professionally within a business-related environment.

Now more than ever, businesses and individuals are finding themselves in unchartered territory and those who choose to invest in Executive Coaching are enjoying profound positive effects.

Michelle McAuley is a trusted Business Consultant, Strategic Executive Coach and the founder of ‘Creating Potential’, a firm based in Northern Ireland. With a reputation built on recommendation locally, nationally and globally, Michelle has coached established and emerging leaders to identify their purpose, overcome limiting beliefs, thrive personally and professionally ultimately improving business performance.
Michelle enables companies and individuals to gain more clarity, develop a clear strategy and get to the next level in business and entrepreneurship.

Michelle can help you gain the tools needed to unlock unlimited reserves of energy, confidence and personal power delivering real and tangible results in your business or career.
The benefits are limitless but examples of what you could gain range from business and revenue growth, improved leadership capability, performance and productivity right through to optimising communication, confidence, self-awareness and wellbeing.

You and your team will be able set yourself apart from the competition, achieve your goals and develop your potential exceeding your expectations.

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Executive Coaching is an investment in yourself and in the business. The return of that investment will result in your entire company being better, more focused and aligned to the biggest challenges facing your business.

If you want to see an improvement in employee engagement, get new business, have a better work/life balance or something else, you will find that Executive Coaching will positively accelerate your results.

To partake in a free discovery session or find out more contact Michelle McAuley on +44 (0) 7470 737787 or email: [email protected]